Harvest Competitions

The Fair hopes to grow into a platform for local bakers, preservers and gardeners to share and display their homesteading talents.  One of our favorite county fair traditions the food contests.  Seeing the pride community members take in creating their best pie, or arranging the most decadent harvest basket is joyful and a little friendly competition never hurt anyone.  Help us in reviving this tradition in the hearts of city dwellers by entering your recipes.


2019 pies will be judged in the sweet category only.  Judges will be scoring each pie based on appearance, and texture, flavor.


2019 canning will be judged in 3 categories;  Jams/jellies, pickles and other.  Judges will be basing scores on appearance, taste/texture, and creativity


2019 garden baskets will be judged on appearance, variety, and quality.  Baskets can be donated to the Grandview Woodland Food connection.