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What on earth is a zucchini race?

Step 1:  Grab a zucchini (home grown or bought)

Step 2:  Decorate it (think big!)

Step 3:  Fix some wheels to it (don't forget to check out the axle regulations, this is serious business)

Step 4 Register your zucchini at the Fair (Bring in a non perishable food item for the McSpadden Little Free Pantry)

Step 5:  Send your masterpiece zooming down our custom 26' ramp and celebrate victory or epic defeat with your neighbours



Small but perfectly formed, the pickle-weights are our smallest (and cutest!) racers


Not too big, not too small, just right for decorating and launching down a ramp


Did you grow a monster Zuc? Lucky you! These guys race fast and crash hard


Didn't read the rules?

Don't care about rules?

We love you anyway!

Plus, after it's explosive debut in 2021, we welcome back the...

Technical Class

Thi category is for the TECHNICAL ADVENTURERS out there who have ambitious plans for their zucchinis but are being held back by the rules. Your racer will still need to be built around a zucchini and the width restriction remains, but otherwise you are free to showcase your STEM skills and wow us!

P.S. Zucchinis simply attached to a vehicle will not qualify... and, please, no flames!

The Regulations...

In order to be eligible for participation, all Zucchini Racers must meet the following requirements:


  • Limit of 1 vehicle per person *

  • Vehicle must be made of a single zucchini/yellow squash *

  • Vehicle must be less than 25 cm in width including wheels/decorations *

  • At least ONE vehicle axle must pass through the zucchini (e.g. dowel with spinning wheels is acceptable, a zucchini strapped to a skateboard or toy is not)

  • Decorations and a fun name are encouraged (really…essential). Please keep racer naming PG and inclusive.  Decorations must not extend more than 10 cm past the front of the racer.

  • Registration team reserves the right to refuse your racer if the paint is still wet, as it can get VERY messy.

  • Vehicle must be gravity-powered only. Any engine/rubber band/rocket, etc. powered vehicles must be entered into the TECHNICAL class.


* These categories still apply to "TECHNICAL CLASS" entries

Winners will receive the prestigious title of the winner of the eighth annual East Van Zucchini Race, wild applause, and a custom medal!

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