What on earth is a zucchini race?

Step 1: Grab a zucchini (home grown or buy one)

Step 2: Decorate it (think big)

Step 3: Stick some wheels in it (don't forget to check out the axle regulations, this is serious business)

Step 4:  Send it zooming down our custom 26'ramp and celebrate victory or epic defeat with your neighbors.

2019 Race Information

Zucchinis will race in threes lanes down a 26 foot racetrack, in an elimination-style tournament!

Registration is on event day from 11 am to 2 pm. Races will start at 2:30 pm.

The Regulations...

In order to be eligible for participation, all Zucchini Racers must meet the following requirements:

-  Limit of 1 vehicle per person

-  Vehicle must be made of a single zucchini/yellow squash

-  Vehicle must be less than 25 cm in width including wheels/decorations

-  Vehicle axle must be directly tied to, or pass through the zucchini (e.g. dowel with spinning wheels is acceptable, a zucchini strapped to a skateboard or toy is not)

- Decorations are encouraged (really…essential. Please note there will also be a prize for the fan favorite racer!), but cannot extend more than 10 cm past the front of the racer.

-  Vehicle must be gravity-powered only. Any engine/rubber band/rocket, etc. powered vehicles will be disqualified.

-   If repairs are required to a vehicle between races, no additional material can be added.

Winners will receive the prestigious title of the winner of the fourth annual East van Zucchini race, wild applause, and a custom trophy.